Dec 3, 2010

Thanksgiving in Panama

Two weeks ago, I finally found an inexpensive used car to buy .  After getting it insured and having a mechanic give it the once over, I drove my "new" 1991 Suzuki Vitara to visit a friend six hours away in San Carlos. Hadn't planned to observe Thanksgiving, being it's a US holiday.   But as luck would have it, I got invited by this wonderful group of Panamanians to have Thanksgiving dinner in Panama City's Punta Pacifica area.

We enjoyed a non-traditional turkey dinner prepared by one of the guests, a professional chef.  The bird was seasoned with rosemary and rum, and the most succulent I've ever tasted.  I was the oldest in the group, but felt right at home with these hospitable, warm and funny friends---whose other vocations  include small business entrepreneur, relocation expert, architect, engineer, television announcer, realtor, corporate officer and project manager.  The attractive lady in the photo immediately above is from France and speaks four languages---French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. The get-together was also a send off for her, as she was returning to France in a week. The cookies being held up were gifts from the lady in red in the photo below, who has a successful sole proprietorship in Panama City called Stylish Cookies.   She does gift baskets and edible logo items for corporate clients.

Next to her is my good friend, Diane, who spends her time between Panama City and managing sales for a new resort under development in the Coronado area.

For entertainment we sang karaoke in Spanish and English.   Things got a little rowdy sometimes....

It was a lot of fun, and plans for next year include a wedding in France.  The lady in the black tee-shirt dress is engaged to a French pastry chef and will be married in Dijon.