Dec 25, 2010

Back to Blogging--maybe

It's been awhile since I've  posted.  That's because the last one I did, about two weeks ago, was accidentally deleted when I tried to cut and paste something.  I'd spent over an hour writing about the recent floods near Panama City that caused closure of the Panama Canal for the first time in over 20 years. I included photos obtained from local internet sources, and it was a great, informative post.  Apparently the canal has only been closed three times in it's entire history.   But for some crazy reason, (it's happened to me twice now)  I've written long posts, attempted to correct a typo, and accidentally deleted everything.  Even though there's an auto save that kicks in every so many minutes, I was unable to recover the writing I had done.  Go figure.  Even tried pulling up cache history, but no luck.  I was so discouraged...  Don't know why the auto save didn't work.  Figure I will try again, but if the problem continues I may have to find somewhere else to create a blog.