May 1, 2011

Sunday in San Leandro

Today is a warm, bright, sunshiny day in the SF Bay Area.   Snapped this photo heading into San Leandro from downtown Castro Valley, after returning from church in Livermore.   Towns all run together here.   But with the bay as a backdrop, does it really matter?

The Sunday service in Livermore was not your parents' worship service, I can assure you.  And it wasn't like any I had previously attended, either (other than Easter Sunday, which I spent in the same place).  

My son belongs to Jubilee Tri-Valley Church, a non-denominational Christian church that is definitely planted in the present.   After visiting the colonial churches of  Panama, and being raised Lutheran, it's an adjustment.   But I love the energy and receptivity of the congregants.   The young pastor, Todd Hendricks,  is adept at putting a modern spin on traditional values and time-told topics.  Aaron Grijalva, the associate pastor photographed below, is singer, song leader, and prayer master.  

Technology  is everyone's friend, and sermons can be seen and downloaded off the internet as well.  Funny how that works....if you can't make it to church anymore on Sundays, you can always log onto iTunes and get your scripture that way.  What a fascinating time we live in!  Think I'll be tuning in from Panama in the future.