Jun 10, 2011

One More and I'm Gonna Lose It !

This isn't the actual beast, but it's the closest photo I could find.  The one I encountered yesterday was about 4.5 inches long and had tan legs.  But the rest of him looked exactly like this.   Black body, brown stinger, large claws.  Unfortunately he got away, so I couldn't get a photo.   This is the second scorpion I've had the dubious honor of meeting in my home in less than 6 months.   This time, I was bringing groceries in from the car.   After depositing the first load, I opened the screen door to go out and get what was left.  As I pushed the door open, the bottom of the door got hung up on the tiled entryway.  Thinking a rock or pebble was caught under it, I pulled the door back and kicked at the area with my sandal.  That's when the critter crawled out.  Luckily he was injured and just scurried off as fast as he could, while I stood there with my mouth open, shuddering.