Aug 5, 2011

A "Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing..." moment

Are you old enough to remember that ancient commercial of the middle-aged, overweight, green-at-the-gills man lamenting at home about his fun night out?    I'm in Golfito, Costa Rica again, and had a late lunch at Banana Bay today.   In the sweltering heat, I managed to down two strong "Imperial" beers while enjoying chicken fajitas topped with special twelve-dollar-a-bottle hot sauce the owner brought out for the occasion.  His sister owns the company that produces the sauces, which are exquisite.  They are made in South Carolina, and there were four renditions.  Each was unique, and each contained a different fruit and spice combination to perfectly accompany the main ingredient [habanero peppers] and compliment any meal.  Daily Red was the mildest (if you could call any of them mild---it was about as hot as Tabasco, only thicker and tastier) and goes well with anything.  Trenholm Venom was the hottest and would probably ignite if you got too close to a flame.  Molden Golden was incredibly special.  Made with mangoes, ginger and other delicate spices, it would be indescribeably (is that a word?) delicious on poultry.  I kept imagining it with roast duck....mmmmmm!  My favorite, though, was Larynx Lava.  By the time I got to it, though, I wasn't really seeing very well, and couldn't read the ingredients.  I think it may have had peaches as one of the contents, but wouldn't stake my life on it.   It's just below Trenholm Venom on the "picante" scale.   

Wish I could remember the brand name for the sauces.  It was something very catchy.   I planned to buy a bottle of each upon leaving, but unfortunately the restaurant's debit card machine was broken.  Having just paid for 4 nights lodging across the way,   I didn't have enough cash left to pay for the meal and all the sauces.  Now, about 5 hours after,  I think the broken machine was Divine Intervention.  Almost a gallon of water later, still thirsty, I have a stomach as taught as a trampoline and I think the reflux may have caused a chemical tonsillectomy.  If I survive the night, I may go back tomorrow to get the name of that company and only one bottle.   Stay tuned...