Aug 5, 2011

Selling My House

Well,  I'm going to go ahead and do it.  I absolutely LOVE my little place in Boquete, but I'm putting it on the market.  

Why am I selling?  Basically because I'm getting restless,  I've been here and done that.  Now I want to try another area of Panama.  I'm thinking I'd like to live closer to my friends in Santiago, or perhaps closer to Diane in San Carlos.   And I want to live in a small Panamanian community. 

The huge influx of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans to Boquete is welcomed by many, as more foreign businesses are established and flourish.  You can find things in Boquete that aren't readily available elsewhere.  Want a CD of Swedish Christmas Carols?  I can tell you where to find it.  Want Kosher food from Israel?  Try the Baru deli on main street.  How about Belgian dark beer or  unidose servings of gingseng extract?   The Alto Dorado super has it.  And many of the Trader Joe speciality items---rice milk, soy milk,  Splenda in loose granules,  agave sweetener, etc. can be found in Romero's downtown.  For a third world country, this place has first world tastes.   Boquete also has an incredible artisan bakery with freshly baked bread and specialty loaves daily. 

If you are erecting a custom-built home and want an Old World antique door, or Moroccan hardware, there's a store and design business catering just to you.   Want to try Ashtanga Yoga ?  Or do you prefer Hatha?   There are at least three yoga instructors in Boquete.  How about Zumba classes instead?  We've got that, too !  Need a good acupuncturist or colonic cleanse?  Need a psychotherapist?  What about music lessons from a reknown jazz artist?  Or a tattoo from an oft- sought Hollywood artist?  Hankering for a live theatrical production or musical?    Do you like hanging out in second hand bookstores and buying books at bargain prices?    For all this and more, where 're ya gonna go?   It's all right here in Boquete

I may be out of my mind, and I harbor doubts constantly....but I think this is why I want to leave.   Despite the beautiful scenery and climate,  it's beginning to feel too much like living in a latin version of  Mill Valley, California.  I enjoy Marin county but can't afford to live there.   Boquete reminds me a lot of Marin, and I CAN afford to live here,  but I don't want an inexpensive Marin county.   I want very latin, very rural,  Panama,  and it ain't here no more.

Sooooooooooo, here are the links to my internet ads for the house.  If you know of anyone who is seriously looking for what I just described, please pass the info along.   The highway expansion will be finished in 2013, and at that time most of the properties in Alto Boquete will jump in value.   The seat of city and provincial government is to be re-located here.   A very modern supermarket,  Super 99, is also scheduled to be built right on the new highway [only 2.5 blocks from my house].   For photos and more information,  go to: