Jul 14, 2012

Liking President Martinelli More....

Just read on Panama Guide that President Ricardo Martinelli's Minister of the Presidency,  Demetrio Papadimitrui, has resigned.  Government sources are not yet confirming this.   But there's a copy of the letter of resignation floating around, so it's probably true.  The parents of Demetrio Papadimitriu were the huge beneficiaries of the parcelling and sale of 54 hectacres of previously untitiled beachfront land at Juan Hombron.  The transaction fell under tough political scrutiny, and President Martinelli recently issued an executive order to have the land returned to the government and denied indemnification to those who had purchased it; ie they would not be reimbursed for the money they paid for the property.  Can't help but say this impresses me favorably toward President Martinelli.  The proof will be in whether or not things stay as currently ordered; ie whether or not the lands actually revert back to the nation and the funds paid to purchase the parcels aren't paid back with interest and/or damages at the expense of the government. 

Juan Carlos Varela has come under politcal attack recently and is being exposed as less than pure in his own business dealings.  It's getting interesting, and I'm less convinced now than before that he's the way to go, either....Since I can't vote anyway it's a  moot point, but I like to speculate.  Not a lot more to do right now.