Aug 13, 2012

Death Alley, Boquete

As promised, I've posted photos taken at dusk of the highway expansion mess that currently plagues our fair pueblo.  Believe it or not, cars are expected to drive down the two lanes on the left with poles in the middle of the thoroughfare, and with the uneven pavement.  Leaving on Thursday afternoon, I was witness to one large overturned truck wedged in the center drainage trench.  Nearly every day there is a traffic accident of some complexity on the road, and a few deaths have also occurred.   It isn't that people are driving recklessly so much as the road hazards are fierce, and someone unfamiliar with the highway's idiosyncracies is extremely vulnerable....Rear wheels get caught in the uneven pavement ridges along the shoulder of the road,  or sudden unmarked level drops cause a car to spin out of control.  The absence of traffic police or people to direct traffic is also frightening.  Frequently there is only one gravel-topped lane open to accommodate cars traveling in opposite directions, and no one is assigned to determine which directional traffic uses that lane at any given time.   The horror stories continue to mount and even the lion-hearted have taken to avoiding vehicular travel at all costs.  Nighttime commutes are the worst as minimal to no lighting compounds the aforementioned problems.