Dec 28, 2012

Important Link

Just finished reading a post by Don Ray Williams on his blog, Chiriqui Chatter, and felt it was important enough to share here [and anywhere else, as well].  It has to do with expats who might find themselves arrested and/or incarcerated in Panama---with or without cause.   The link is pasted below for posting date 12/28/12.

Update on Christmas parade...The event didn't start until about 9 pm, when it was quite dark.  My camera behaved poorly and most of the photos didn't turn out.   Lee Zeltzer has some good ones on Boquete Guide.

In general things have been quite tame in Panama and I haven't anything of substance to write about.
Looking forward to New Year's Eve celebrations. 

Wishing everyone a prosperous and productive 2013, and hoping against hope for a change in the violent craziness that is becoming commonplace in the suburban USA these days.  Perhaps 2013 will be the year we turn things around and start corrective action both individually and collectively to support, instead of isolate,  those who differ from the mainstream.  Acceptance and tolerance for a person's differences goes a long way in preventing the build up of rage and alienation that produces acts of madness and annihilation.  Let's all do what we can.