Nov 28, 2013

This is NOT Panama

Back in the US for a short respite from Boquete's rainy season.  Didn't seem to hit things right, though... First I experienced a cold front that hit San Antonio causing temperatures to drop from 77 degrees to 41 degrees in only 18 hours.  Temperatures continued to plummet over the subsequent three days of my visit.  I never got acclimated to their hovering at 30 degrees.  Temps were predicted to climb to 55 degrees, however, following my departure.

From there it was on to Wisconsin, where I expected 40 degrees and encountered 20 degrees with snow.  There was additional snowfall the day after arrival, which I captured on camera to show my Panamanian neighbors.   Today was the coldest Thanksgiving on record here in the last decade.  

I'm finding myself eager to return to the Boquete rains.  Have enjoyed the brief visit, and the additional 10 lbs of body mass I acquired, which MUST be exercised off. Couldn't resist all the great Tex-Mex food, nor the Brats & Beer (Leinenkugels).  Don't intend to repeat any of this for a few years now.

I am so grateful to have been able to spend time with my son, who just graduated with honors from basic military training, and then with my sister and her family here in the great lakes region.  Hoping everyone out there enjoyed a bountiful and blessed Thanksgiving in the company of loved ones and friends.  

Below are some highlights from San Antonio, TX.  Can't help but think about Boquete's Rio Caldera and how it has the potential to someday resemble the River Walk....I can remember discussions regarding the creation of a river walkway in Boquete as far back as 6-7 years ago.  Sigh....

And remember the Alamo...