Oct 26, 2014

Chief Carrera Isn't Stepping Down

Apparently the actions taken by Edilberto Sanchez and other associated individuals involved with the Ngäbe Buglé general congress were illegal and unsupported by the required majority of the comarca, according to local news sources.  Ms. Carrera insists she will remain in her elected position until 2017.   An indigenous group known as the April 10th Movement has communicated information that the Board of Directors of the General Congress do not have the authority to dismiss the chieftess, and that due process requires an interregional meeting in active session comprised of 280 delegates.  At which point, if a serious offense could be substantiated,  the session could proceed to a decision regarding whether a temporary or permanent separation from duty for Ms. Carrera were indicated.  This action cannot be taken by a small number of men who, motivated by personal and economic interests, carried it out in absence of a consensus and by violating due process, emphasizes their communique.  Formal notification of Ms. Carrera's dismissal still has not reached  government ministries. 

Ms. Carrera has stated,  "The people elected me, not these few men.  They are simply a body of delegates that comprise the general congress.   I was elected by popular vote.  I can't be dismissed without proof of wrongdoing."  The April 10th Movement has reiterated its backing of Ms. Carrera as the maximum authority for the pueblo determined by popular vote.