Dec 19, 2014

Interesting Interview on TVN with Giacomo Tamburelli

Cable and Wireless is yet again experiencing technical difficulties in Chiriqui, and I'm using my cell phone modem to get the latest news.  Giacomo Tamburelli, the ex-director of PAN prior to Adolfo Obarrio's assumption of the position, spoke with a news reporter regarding his willingness to cooperate with investigations into the suspected theft of multiple millions of dollars from the national public assistance fund (PAN).  Both Obarrio and Tamburelli are under house arrest at this time. 

While the interview and Mr. Tamburelli's responses made great viewing material, I was left with the impression that something continues to be amiss.  Mr. Tamburelli admitted no wrongdoing on his part,  but expressed  willingness to openly disclose any information investigators might require.  He also made overt allegations that the ex-president threatened his wife and family. When the reporter questioned the mechanisms of those threats to his family, he said it had to do with voice recordings. He requested public support and protection for his family.  

The interview was too extensive to translate or summarize in a casual post such as this, but it did seem he was promising to reveal a lot of information that would implicate the past presidential administration in signficant corruption.   He frankly stated that he was at all times under direct orders from Adolfo Obarrio, the ex-president's designee, and that Ricardo Martinelli was now trying to buy his silence. .  The interview was intriguing, but something about this man's aspect and demeanor left me unsympathetic toward him, and doubting the veracity of his accusations. It will be interesting to observe what transpires over time.