Feb 2, 2015

Juan Carlos Navarro Files a Criminal Complaint against Ricardo Martinelli

Just in from TVN news:

Ex-presidential PRD candidate Juan Carlos Navarro has just filed a complaint with the office of the district attorney specializing in organized crime.  The complaint is against ex-president Ricardo Martinelli for illegal association for the purpose of committing crime, crime against personal freedom, abuse of authority and infractions in  fulfilling the responsibilities of public servants.  

He commented that for 5 years Panama was governed by a group of organized criminals whose sole aim was to plunder the coffers of the Panamanian state.  He urged all Panamanians to contribute, as he was doing today, their "grain of sand" to dismantle the criminal framework  and allow the full power of the law to fall upon the guilty and help recuperate stolen funds that need to be returned to the Panamanian people in order to construct social works that are so lacking in the country.