Oct 30, 2015

Quadalupe, Chiriqui, Panama

Two weekends ago some friends and I took a day trip to Quadalupe,  which is about 5-10 minutes beyond Cerro Punta in Chiriqui Province. We walked around in town, purchased a few plants from a local nursery, and shopped for fresh vegetables. We found the town charming enough to want to return, and booked a room at Los Quetzales for the following Saturday. We also met up with a local resident who provides guide services for nature hikes into the surrounding mountainside. Although his English is limited, he is a very accommodating fellow and highly concerned about preserving the environment. The following weekend, we met our guide, Jorge, at the Los Quetzales Lodge and took off for parts unknown.  We ventured into Parque Nacional La Amistad, and enjoyed a thoroughly scenic and relaxing hike up to a series of waterfalls. 
The next day, we traveled out to Sitio Barrilles, a pre-columbian archeological location explored previously by National Geographic, where we enjoyed additional sites and scenery. I will post those photos next.   

The photos that follow were taken either in Quadalupe centro or during our hike into La Amistad.  Hopefully they will move readers in the same way the actual experience moved me.  

The photo to the right was taken inside a nursery in Quadalupe where I obtained some very fancy hibiscus cuttings. 

Below is a photo of the balcony to our room at Los Quetzales.  

The lodge itself was very reasonably priced, clean, and had good water pressure with warm showers.  (My minimum criteria.) I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again. The service staff were very pleasant, patient and more than accommodating. The son of the owner stopped by to greet us as well, and the general feeling one gets  is that  of being welcomed and comfortable.

Below are just a few snapshots from our nature hike in La Amistad.

 Above, the trail head.

Lush foliage encountered along the way. 

Here the trail  becomes a bit more challenging.

Scenes along the way do alot to distract from the increasingly complex path characteristics. 

Our wonderful guide, Jorge, moving boulders to make it easier for three aging novices to negotiate the many water crossings.  

Email me for his contact info... 

Group shot taken with a timer on my camera.  We propped the camera on a tree branch and it's one of the best photos of the bunch! Something to be said for artificial intelligence...