Apr 15, 2011

In Memorium


On April 10th my cherished feline friend, Bonita, passed away at home in Alto Boquete in the compassionate care of  veterinarian Dr. Robert Crespo.  Bonita grew suddenly ill two weeks earlier and lost all interest in eating or drinking.  After consultations with three vets and impassioned efforts to nourish her, hydrate her, and reverse her physical  decline, a decision was reached to end the uncomfortable forced feeding and allow her to pass with her dignity intact. 
Adopted in April of 2010 from Amigos de Animales, Bonita previously was cared for by, and touched the hearts of,  multiple loving humans.   Her life was short, but she undoubtedly lived it on her own terms and in the company of her chosen people.  Extremely bright and very independent, this endearing calico enjoyed being out of doors during the day and sleeping in her own bed at night.  A clock could be accurately set according to her arrival home each day  precisely at 4:30 pm and her departure the next morning at 7:30 am.
Bonita was a champion communicator and persuasive self advocate.  She  was also loyal, and extremely intuitive.  With personality plus, she watched over house and yard.   She was a master at negotiating win-win situations, and could be very generous with her affections when attaining desired goals.  Her perky and intelligent presence is sorely missed.  Surely she’s earned our Creator’s favor and is now practicing her craft amongst His angels.