Aug 15, 2015

My Favorite Panama Photos

I'm currently in the states on a short visit.  As usual, I've received a lot of questions about Panama and how I came to the decision to retire there.  Decided it might be time to post a few of my favorite snapshots of Panama.  I think these say a lot. 

Taboga Island

Gulf of Chiriqui

Windward side of Gamez Island

Leeward side of Gamez Island

Caldera River

Pathway in a Chiriqui pueblo

Embera Village

Women and children in a Ngobe village in Chiriqui

Bridge of the Americas in Panama City

School boys at carnival time in Casco Viejo

Municipal building in Panama City

Panama Canal --Miraflores Locks

This is only a very small sampling of Panama's charms and attractions.  Some of the best photos are tucked away for safekeeping, and need to be retrieved for another post.  I will do so, but need to get back there first!  Stay tuned.