Sep 19, 2013

Double Trouble?

Today I stopped in at the local market to buy plantains.  They sell for 20 cents a piece.   I requested five, and the vendor cut four, then asked me if I "would mind" taking the above plantain for my fifth one.  As you can see, it is two plantains grown together covered in only one peel.  I readily accepted, commenting it was two for the price of one. Why on earth should I mind?

She then told me that many people won't buy double plaintains.  She said the indigenous women are especially opposed to them.  They believe that if they buy one, "their babies will be born stuck together".

Fascinating.  I assured the vendor I had no plans to have babies any time soon, and packed away my bargain.   Come to think of it, I am frequently sold double plantains in the market place.  Could it be other vendors take one look at me and realize I couldn't possibly be plagued by such fears?  One more benefit of being a retiree in Panama...