May 6, 2015

Big Changes for Boquete


(Photos from the Alcaldía's facebook page)

Radio Chiriqui has morphed into TV Chiriqui,  and Boquete’s mayor, Alcalde Emigdio Walker Vasquez,  recently established a new policy of providing monthly video reports to the community.  The videos are available through the TVChiriqui or Alcalde Boquete websites as well as on you tube. 

The English speaking community is also involved.  Separate videos are being produced with guest speakers commenting in English on the issues the mayor has brought to light. Although these English speaking videos are interesting and informative, they are commentaries, not translations nor even paraphrased summaries, of what the mayor actually says.  Expats who have less than a high-intermediate level of Spanish will miss much of the content of the mayor’s reports, as the guest commentaries to date haven’t addressed some of the  specifics mentioned by Mayor Walker Vasquez.  

I’m not sure if I’ll continue doing it, but here's my summation of the mayor’s actual statements in this most recent, April 2015 report:

He begins by introducing himself, cordially greeting viewers, and mentioning that as of that day he is establishing a policy of providing monthly informative reports on what the municipal government has accomplished and is planning to carry out in the district. 

Then he informs on the state of construction of the new aqueduct and sewage system for the district of Boquete.  He reports that the bidding process is completed and that the contract has been allocated.  The municipality has the order to proceed.  He says that within 45 days, God willing, and “with the presence of the president” the aqueduct and the sewage treatment system will be initiated.  

Secondly, he mentions that they have contemplated the environmental program, and within that program is a district-wide reforestation consideration. The municipality will be participating in conjunction with ANAM.  He then comments that it’s very important to take care of our environment and above all, to reforest the essential areas of the district, the hydrological areas, to preserve water sources.

Thirdly, he mentions that also under consideration is a “NO” determination regarding hydroelectric plants in the district of Boquete. He mentions that, as has been seen in other districts, it’s urgent that we develop a responsible conscience regarding the use and management of our water, because every day we have less water.  He mentions that he is committed to having Boquete be a "green" district and as such is focused on taking care of our waters and protecting our natural resources.

Next he mentions the security program.  He reports the implementation of security cameras in the district.  Initially there are going to be 40 cameras placed in strategic locations, such as the entrance to the corregimientos and entrance to the district, and soon there will also be a security gate at the district entrance.  He says this is very important because in this manner they will be able to know who comes into and leaves the district. 

He states his fourth point involves a re-engineering of the municipal administration with a technical analysis being conducted by Lic. Ennar Arriojas.  He mentions this individual is a person with a lot of knowledge about municipalities and who is focused on the providing better service to the community, in terms of attention, improved efficiency, and above all, being at the disposition of those who utilize the services of the municipality. 

He lists his fifth point as being the development of sports in the district of Boquete. He states that Boquete's youth requests and demands improvement in their playing fields. In Alto Boquete the football field needs to be improved and conditioned because it is the only one in the district and the  committment has already been made to improve the field for all youth who practice different sports, so that it meets the requirements needed to have great athletes.  He adds that they are starting and supporting leagues for softball, soccer, and baseball in the various corregimientos so that the district will have great athletes. 

The sixth point he makes is regarding a beautification program.  He states a campaign of cleanliness and beautification in all of the corregimientos is being carried out in consultation with the community and with the participation of the students of different edcational institutions in the corregimientos. The objective is to have a clean district in which everyone can feel proud.  

In regards to tourism, he mentions the district is implementing marketing efforts through different media at the national and international levels.  He acknowledges that tourism has grown significantly in Boquete.  People who come to Chiriqui want to visit and become familiar with Boquete, and after coming to Boquete, they want to remain in Boquete.  Thus,  there is an impetus to improve the quality of life and  provide great service to all visitors, extending the affection and respect of Boqueteños to all that visit the district.  

He closes by extending thanks to his viewers.