Mar 29, 2014

Peligro Jazz Festival Exceeds Expectations

As the blurred photos will attest, last night's first annual Peligro Jazz Fest was fun and definitely a success. Good turnout, great music, pleasant venue and jovial, friendly crowd. One of the highlights of  this year's social scene in Chiriqui.  The organizers can most certainly depend upon my support for next year's event. But it's not over yet. 

Tonight there is wine tasting, tapas, and more music with Zuwira Jazz Trio at Restaurant Cuatro, and   tomorrow a free concert in Bolivar Park, Barrio El Peligro, from 11 am to 4 pm. Try to get there if you can.  All the bands are playing,  and you will thoroughly enjoy yourselves!

Mar 22, 2014

Peligro Jazz Festival

Next week and weekend, from  March 27th through March 30, the city of David will hold it's first annual Jazz Festival,  called the Peligro Jazz Festival in honor of the oldest and most historic barrio of David.  The area is undergoing renovation and being developed to be a cultural and historic focus for the city.  The principal intent behind organization of the event is to recognize, celebrate, and provide a music platform for exceptional national and local jazz musicians from Chiriqui. 

Unlike the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival, which draws international jazz bands and spectators to serve the tastes of the town's expat community, the David festival is dedicated to developing and showcasing local Panamanian talent,  raising funds for music education programs in underserved rural schools, and promoting interest and awareness of this music genre among the general Panamanian public.  

The festival starts off with a free photographic exhibit titled "Music" on Thursday at Restaurant Cuatro.  On Friday the main concert will take place at Club David with Sin Esemble Jazz Quartet, who are being accompanied by Maestro Carlos Garnett.  I've listened to them on prior occasions and am anxious to enjoy them again.   They are very good.   Also appearing is a Swedish group, called Nacka Forum, which features Jonas Kullhammar, one of Sweden's best saxophonists and winner of various European music awards.  Following the concert there is an after-party with Element Jazz Trio in the pool area of the Club.  

On Saturday there is Wine tasting, tapas,  and music by Zuwira Jazz Trio at Restaurant Cuatro followed by more Latin Jazz and jamming at the Pool House from 10:00 pm onward.  The event winds down with a free concert on Sunday, March 30th,  from 11 am to 4 pm at the Bolivar Park in the El Peligro Barrio.  

Tickets are on sale at Casa Cultural La Guaricha (Tel: 730-7480) and Culturama (Tel: 730-4010), located in David’s Old Quarter.   In Boquete, they can be purchased at Mailboxes, etc.  or from Kevin Reilley at the BCP.  

For more information, write or visit their facebook page at

The above photo was downloaded from The Visitor/El Visitante, a local tourism newspaper in Panama.  Link pasted below:

Mar 6, 2014

Venezuela breaks ties with Panama

Of all the Latin American countries, Panama is the only one to speak out against the present day politics of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolutionist movement.   Panama's ambassador requested a meeting with the leader and the Organization of American States to dialogue over the political unrest there, hoping to dialogue and reach recommendations for resolution to the social and political unrest that started on Feb. 12th in Venezuela.   Because of Panama's actions, Nicholas Maduro has announced a break in "political, business, and social" relations with Panama.  Four members of the Panamanian embassy have been declared "persona non grata" and given 48 hours to leave the country. According to info sent me, Venezuela has a financial debt with Panama of 1.2 billion dollars.