Aug 15, 2011

Pineapple in Bloom and the Sky is Falling

I was told it takes two years for a pineapple plant to reach fruition.  It must have been 18 months or more since I stuck the top of a pineapple into the ground in the backyard and watched it grow.  I was greeted with a wonderful surprise when I walked out to check it this weekend.  Still a very tiny fruit, but WOW!  It actually worked!   I am thrilled to see it !  Such a nice diversion from all the stress I've been experiencing for the last week. 

After spending the weekend in Costa Rica to renew my visa,  I returned  to learn I  was no longer employed.   The recession is hitting hard everywhere, and apparently I didn't have immunity.  It was short notice, with a microscopic severence, and my health insurance ends in 2 wks.  I'm madly scrambling to figure out how my son and I are going to survive.  He's having to forfeit plans to attend college this September and fight like hell to compete for whatever job he can in this environment of record high unemployment.    I, aged 61, with  ten months from retirement,   am also trying to compete in a tough job market.    Heading back to California to re-engineer life plans.  Never a dull moment!

Depending on how things proceed, it may be a while before I post another blog entry.   Hoping for the best, and doing everything in my power to make this life changing situation eventful and productive.  Wishing everyone economic stability and job satisfaction !