Nov 29, 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roll

I've returned to Boquete.  It was a pleasant 3 hour drive.  As I sat down to start my post on the parade in Santiago, we experienced an earth tremor I would guess was around a 3 on the Richter scale.  No science or equipment to base this on,  just what it felt like from personal experience as a long-time SF Bay Area resident.  If there's a way to check out my guestimate later, I'll do so.  It lasted maybe 20 seconds.  There was a low bang, the house shook and vibrated, and the desk I'm sitting at wobbled.   Because my house is situated in a valley between two volcanoes, I always give things a second thought when the ground shakes.

Addendum:  Five hours after the tremor, I found documentation of it at the University of Panama's geosciences website.  It was a 4.1.  I guess it takes a lot to impress a San Francisco transplant.  Didn't feel all that strong....The epicenter was Volcan, just over the hill (Baru Volcano) from Boquete.

When I returned home today, my neighbor told me yesterday's Independence Day parade here is Boquete was really something to behold.  She said the town was packed so full of people there was barely even standing room, and she said the parade didn't end until 11:30 pm.  She said bands that first marched in Volcan contacted the mayor, asked if they could march in Boquete's parade, and then with his blessing showed up to add to the spectacle.  The bands marching in the evening carried candles, which added to the character and charm. 

A lot happened in Panama yesterday and over the weekend !