Dec 3, 2011

Trip to Santa Fe, Panama

Just getting around to posting photos of the side trip taken from Santiago to Santa Fe last weekend.   Santa Fe is located about an hour and a half from Santiago, and is purported to be the next gringo enclave.   Expats are already getting entrenched there and the landscape is very reminiscent of Boquete.  Land is not cheap,  even now in it's primitive state, but still less than Boquete.   Foreign investors are buying it up as fast as they can.   The town has little to offer at this time, ---a small cooperative market and central park area is about it---but the surrounding areas are quite picturesque and the weather is definitely like Boquete.  On the day we went, it was overcast with a bajareque rolling in.
Below are a few photos from the drive. 

Probably won't have much Panama news to post in the coming week.    Heading back in time for the holidays.