Jun 4, 2012

More Panama City Photos

The first photo above is of El Cangrejo by day, taken from the same rooftop as previously.  The second photo is of the F & F Tower, an office building named after the real estate developer,  F & F Properties.  It previously was known as Revolution Tower, but the name has since been changed.  The architect is Pinzon Lozano.  It has 45 floors beneath the spire containing office suites of varying square footage.  Apparently the base of the tower is a regular-looking building not so much to the liking of many Panamanians.   Thinking that the next time I find myself in PC with time on my hands I may try to visit and see what I can see.  Here's a photo taken from the realtor's website.  Apparently there are a total of 52 floors, counting the base.