Aug 18, 2012

What a Lovely Day Today!

Boquete was unseasonably warm today, missing the typical afternoon rain or bajareque mist.  Spent most of the morning in the yard, tending to my garden.  The narajilla plants I started from seed are fruit bearing, but not yet ready to pick. 

Was told they need to turn yellow first...

Made fresh salsa with cilantro and chombo chili peppers from the garden.  Then picked fresh citrus, chayote squash, bananas,  and maracuya.  Had a surprise visit from a friend, which helped wile away the afternoon hours. 

What do you do with a yard full of mint, a lime tree, a friend who used to be a bartender, and an aging bottle of light rum?   You learn how to make and enjoy mojitos. I think I have a new favorite drink!   Can't see straight, but I learned they are just perfect for sitting on a shady deck in the hot, humid, tropical afternoon, while listening to light jazz,  staring up at Jaramillo, and contemplating absolutely nada!   Made a conscious decision to plant more mint tomorrow....Life's good.

As the night unfolds,  from my house to yours,  have a wonderful evening!