Dec 23, 2012

It's Feeling a lot like Christmas

After several days of absolutely perfect weather, we're beginning to experience what's typical for the to colder temperatures and fierce winds, as previously mentioned.  Yesterday was a stay-at-home day, but today things have mellowed out a bit and the winds have turned intermittent. 
Yesterday morning, a friend was awakened at 5 o'clock to the sound of a falling plantain tree.  Being her take-charge self, she immediately "rescued" it with a shovel and machete while still in her nightgown accessorized with a pair of flowered  'gumboots'.  How do I know this?  I saw her Facebook page, of course.   It came to mind because I just perused the yard and found a banana tree that is threatening to do the same.  Tried propping it up with some posts, and will hail the gardener next time he returns.

The garden check also yielded a thrilled discovery of the blossom below.  They've been few and far between, making cultivation of the plants a big disappointment.  Not ready to give up just yet, though.  But next year I will plan things much differently and fertilize a lot.  I now know they need a lot of nitrogen and cross-pollination.   Out of 3 sites with humongous vines, I think I've reaped 4 fruits total.   Sigh.....At least it wasn't a total failure.


Planning to spend the 24th and 25th with friends in private gatherings.  There's usually a Christmas parade in downtown Boquete on the evening of the 24th.  Will try to snap some photos to post, although it usually doesn't get started until after dark and the photos don't always turn out well.  Should the attempt be unsuccessful, I would still like to extend warm wishes and holiday joy to everyone.  We've survived the end of the world predictions, so perhaps we can make this a benchmark year and see a turn around in the human spirit, pointing us all in a more compassionate and enlightened direction for centuries to come.   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.