Nov 1, 2013

New Bakery in Alto Boquete

Had some business to attend to in Plaza San Francisco today, so after finishing up,  I stopped off at the new Morton's Bakehouse Panaderia which  opened up 5 days ago.  According to the owner, business has been brisk for the first week.  Morton was there himself to attend to customers, and offered a 10% discount as part of the grand opening special.  Samples of the breads and bagels were available and I ended up taking home several bagels.  They were delicious. 

Couldn't help commenting on the pricing, however, which was significantly higher than Sugar and Spice, in Bajo Boquete.  According to Morton, the price difference has to do with the density of his breads, which he claims are 3 times that of the Romero's bakery and stylistically different from that of Richard's breads at Sugar and Spice.  I tasted a bagette sample and decided to forego purchasing a loaf.  I prefer a softer, lighter bread and this bakery specializes in hard crust bread that is drier, chewier and, well, denser. It's kind of  difficult to swallow without a thick smearing of butter or cream cheese or something equivalent to help it slide down.   Sort of reminded me of the bread I ate at my Godmother's house in Germany many, many years ago.  I can imagine that the bakery will develop a strong following of European expats, and it's probably no accident that he located the business near the Zum Auslander restaurant which caters to the same. 

Small bagettes cost $ 2.50, compared with $ 0.75 for the same sized loaf at Sugar and Spice. 
Bagels are $ 1.00  each.  Round loaves of sourdough rye run $ 5.00 each.  Loaves of a rustic country style white bread sell for $ 4.00 each.  I imagine they go well with a hearty bowl of soup, but I think I'd find them a little dry for sandwiches or morning toast.   I will probably visit the bakery intermittently to purchase bagels, which Sugar and Spice does not offer, and which frankly, were quite good.