Apr 12, 2014

Mucha Actividad Esta Tarde

This has not been a typical Saturday in Boquete.  Truth be told, I have doubts if the typical days are ever going to be the same.   Too many events have brought notoriety to the pueblo, and I don't think you can turn back time. 

The morning started out with really loud helicopter noise. When it woke me, I looked out the window and saw the bottom of a military helicopter about 50 feet above my roof. The cats ran under the bed, and I thought of doing the same.  Instead,  I threw on some clothes and ran outside to investigate.  Seems the entire neighborhood joined me as we all tracked the ruckus down the street.   Not one, but TWO helicopters had landed in a vacant field two blocks away. Lots or speculations circulated, but nothing alarming surfaced, and I decided to return home to a morning brew.  Given the stepped up search efforts for the missing women, I surmised rescuers  were either being dropped off or picked up.  

As I write this at the end of the day, once again I hear helicopters, but further away this time. There are also a lot of popping, explosion kind of noises happening.  This sort of thing occurs from time to time when there are events happening downtown, and it's fun to run outside and watch the fireworks displays.  But the sun hasn't set yet, and I'm thinking it could be some kind of call to arms for the rescue forces, so I'm not leaving the house.  No stray bullets/blanks/flares, etc. for me... Seriously, though,  I have to say, it's reassuring to see the amount of effort that has gone into trying to locate these woman.  If it were my family I would want the same.  It's been reported 18 detectives from the various security forces in Panama, some with over 25 years of experience in this type of situation, are engaged in the search and rescue effort.  And a lot of individuals are providing resources and volunteer effort and skills as well.  It would be wonderful if a successful conclusion were reached. 

Late this afternoon, there was an art exhibition at the library displaying works from local artists in David.  The exhibit will stay until April 30th, but this was the opening reception  I liked some pieces much more than others, but in general enjoyed the cultural themes of most works.   I noted five English speakers and the rest of the crowd all spoke Spanish,  which gave me plenty of conversational experience. Below are some highlights. 

And then last, but not least, a quick trip into town to buy fertilizer found me right smack in the middle of a cabalgata.  Had my trusty camera handy and was able to snap these.  

 Waiting to see what tomorrow has in store!