Oct 26, 2014

A Panamanian Quinceañera

When a girl turns fifteen years of age in most Latin American countries, her family holds a BIG party to celebrate her becoming a woman.  I've been to such events held by Mexican families and by Costa Rican families, but tonight's party was the first Panamanian celebration I've attended.   Photos will help to illustrate just how big of a deal this is for Latin American families.  The young lady being celebrated tonight is from a socio-economically humble family matrix.  The costs parents incur to hold these events for their daughters will never cease to impress me.  

Birthday Girl's Place of Honor

Father presenting his daughter with the traditional ring.
Mother presenting daughter with traditional high-heeled sandals.
A few of the partygoers

Proud, if not stressed, parents

Sandal-bearer, Ring-bearer, and Flower Girl
Singer / Entertainer

Brother-Sister Waltz