Nov 29, 2014

Boquete Rainbow---A Sign of Summer

I've said all along that summer was going to be here early this year...We've had an incredibly mild rainy season, and the winds, bajareques, and rainbows are already here!  This will probably mean water shortages toward the end of the summer, and a few dry mountainsides, but we can deal with all that if/when it becomes an issue.  For now, the summer is a welcome thought.

Yesterday was the date of Panama's Independence from Spain, and we are in the midst of a 4-day weekend.  There were school bands that marched in a several hour-long parade yesterday.  But the pueblo is officially celebrating the event tomorrow, Sunday.  There will be marching bands and polleras and horses and music and longs lines of people along the downtown streets from about 9 am until around 6 pm.  The preparations are underway at this time.  A quick trip to the grocery store revealed the following images of a sleepy mountain town gearing up to throw a party...