Oct 9, 2015

Community Outrage over Release of Juvenilles

This is a cut and paste to spread the word from Boquete News re: community concerns over the initial arrest and subsequent release of the juveniles  involved in the shooting in Portrerillos a few days ago. 

According to reports, one of the kids confessed.  Panamanian laws are very liberal toward juveniles that get involved in criminal activities.  Apparently one of the youths was released back into the custody of his parents who live in Boquete. 

The juveniles arrested in the home invasion, shooting, and stabbing of _________ have been released.This is how the community will organize to protest the release.
A security meeting will be held tomorrow afternoon 5.00pm in the Parque Surtapec ( little park at the Potrerillos cruce/crossing)...The Mayor from Dolega, the representantes,police and all interested public are invited.
Please put this out to all those who don't read ning, neighbors etc. This affects everyone, not just Potrerillos residents. The officials and police are responding to calls and outcry from the public. They know something has to be done.
PLEASE show up in if you can and bring some of your workers.So everybody knows about this.
I would ask anyone with media contacts to get this out to them as well.

Gracias all.