Sep 28, 2016

Boquete's Changing Faces

It's been several months since I've posted anything about Boquete.  I'm ashamed to admit US politics has captured more of my attention than merited.  But it's also depressed me so much that I'm returning to a local focus for therapy.  Boquete is growing and changing.  These photos were taken today from the pedestrian bridge over the new highway by the CEFATI bldg. One view is toward Bajo Boquete and the other is looking toward Alto Boquete. The new Alto Boquete Condos are seen center left in the second view.  For years the structures sat idle but lately a lot of progress is being seen.  The plan is for several buildings and a canyon condo community.   

Another new structure  (about a year old, I believe) is the downtown market.  There are still many unoccupied spaces, but the building was designed to house not only vegetable and fruit stands, but also artisan kiosks and service businesses.  Currently there is a beauty shop and a few clothing vendors housed there, but it hasn't yet approached it's full potential.  The Central Park Cafe, which used to be an unsightly hole in the wall adjacent the park has been overhauled and has a more pleasant, glassed-in aspect.  The new market is located in the same space as the old one, diagonal to Romero Supermarket and to the right of the municipal offices.  

The other major change Boquete is undergoing is the implementation of the new potable water and sewage treatment system approved by President Varela for $25 million. Ground has been broken in a significant way downtown as new pipes are being laid and land is being leveled.  

In my neighborhood, a lot on my street is being dug up and leveled for installation of a large water tank.   

And last but not least, the Mayor just announced that a new Panamonte Bridge will be constructed in the not too distant future.  The paperwork and bidding is in progress at this time.