Mar 12, 2011

Another Thing I Love About Boquete

At 7 pm on a Saturday evening, I developed symptoms of an acute and uncomfortable infection.  Having previously tried getting antibiotics without a prescription from local pharmacies, I knew better than to even try this time.   I was aware the condition would get progressively worse in the next few hours, having been through it all before.

I called Dr. Chen, a general practitioner who has seen me before.  Apologetically, I explained my circumstances and asked what he suggested I do.  Unhesitatingly, he told me to come to his office.  He was waiting for me when I arrived 10 minutes later, examined me, prescribed an antibiotic, provided updated medical teaching re: the condition and treatment, then sent me on my way.  He told me to never worry about calling if I needed something.  He said he kept the office open until 9 pm every night, and if I had an urgent need past that time, to just ring the door bell outside the office or call him.  I now have his cell phone number as well. The consult was $ 10.  The pharmacy charged me $ 13.00 for the antibiotic, after providing a senior discount I never asked for.

Situation SOLVED in less than 30 minutes, for under the cost of a co-pay at Kaiser in the states.