May 21, 2011

Day Trip to Volcan

Took a drive to a tiny town just outside Volcan, to attend the 2nd annual Fine Arts Festival of the Highlands,  situated in the Casa Grade Resort in Bambito.  Missed an earlier art festival in Boquete a few weeks ago because I was still in California.    From photos I've seen of the Boquete event, it appeared to have primarily expat participant artists, whereas the Bambito event had only one expat participant, who specializes in digital photography, as opposed to painting.  I went to be inspired, and did come back with the motivation to break out my oils and get back into the struggle I always have with blank canvas.  

Other than the digital photography cards, for $ 2.00 each,  the prices on all artwork seemed exceedingly high.  And I didn't encounter much that seemed fresh, new, different, or sufficiently original in presentation to warrant the asking prices.  I did enjoy the show nonetheless, and I went for inspiration, not specifically to purchase.  I may have bought had I found anything that moved me.....There was one artist there,  (spoke excellent English), who used feathers as her canvas and painted minute, very detailed animals on bird feathers. I was in awe of her skill and patience.  But I couldn't really think of any place where a framed birdfeather with a painting of a jaguar on it would fit  in my house.   

It was a nice drive and escape, in any case.  The resort location was beautiful and tranquil.  Apparently the resort offers rock climbing, trout fishing, horseback riding, canopy treks and tubing on the river.  There's also an eco-spa and restaurant on the premises.  Lodging includes 20 suites with Zen bathrooms and private terraces.  Rates range from $ 69 per night to $ 152 per night in the off season, and from $ 127 per night to $ 186 per night in the high season. The resort also boasts a swimming pool,  a 200 capacity ballroom and a corporate event center.

I was most impressed, however, by the tree in the parking lot.  Reminded me of  northern California redwood country, but this tree was tropical, and not a redwood.  I never learned what type of tree it was, but plan to explore that again at a later date.

I also snapped a few photos of the surroundings into which the individual suites were situated.