May 19, 2011

Fruit Harvest

Arrived home to find several members of my garden in full fecundity, and am thrilled at the thought of  harvest.   Even my neighbor's mango tree was generous in it's contribution, having  thrown a stray limb over the fence for my pleasure. 

My own mango tree was not to be outdone, despite a rather vigorous shearing by the gardener several months ago.

There are three banana trees laden with fruit---one so heavy it had to set it's burden down...The other two are leaning in the same direction. 

And the surpise of all surprises.  After  planting three half-gallon sized citrus plants in 2008 that cost $ 1.50 each,  I'm learning their true identities !  The one on the left is a grapefruit, the one near the porch is a persian lime, and the one on the right is the orange.  They're all fruit bearing now,  and in another month or two I'll be reaping their rewards.   Life's good!