Sep 19, 2011

Cruising through Nebraska

Didn't make it to Lincoln today.  Couldn't fall asleep last night.  At 3:00 am I  finally took a  Lunesta, then didn't wake up til a few minutes shy of check out time.  UGH!  Now I'm 200 miles west of Lincoln and hoping for an early launch tomorrow.  According to Mapquest, there's another 800 miles to go.    The last leg of the journey is tricky and has a million turn-offs. 

Planning to travel all day and night to get there.  Can't take another night in a motel.  I'm driving with two cats.  One is 20 years old.   The vet convinced me his heart couldn't tolerate a plane trip.    Simba's heart has been just fine, but my nerves are frayed.   He's developed a nasty case of cabin fever and is taking it out on me.  It has to end tomorrow or one of us won't survive.  

Still haven't been able to communicate via phone with family.   Would be nice if just one of them had the consideration to answer my emails!   Eveyone wants me to report in, but the effort doesn't seem to be reciprocal.  The national T-Mobile roaming plan I've paid into for 5 years isn't any good out here.  When there's signal, the network doesn't recognize me.   And most of the time there's no signal. 

I'm in another motel where I can't make a  long distance call.   At least that's what I've been told.  Sounds fishy to me.....No rooms with DSL or broadband internet anymore, so the Vonage device I brought is useless as well.   Barb, I guess you'll know I made it when I land on your doorstep.   Don't go to bed too early tomorrow.   I just may drag in at some late hour...