Sep 27, 2011

Second Look at Wyoming

Yesterday I traveled through Iowa and most of Nebraska.  Today I left Nebraska and traveled across Wyoming.  I'm about 10 miles from the state line and will head into Utah, Nevada, and will hopefully finish up in California by late evening.  Wanted to do a little sightseeing, but I've got too many things pending at home and need to get back ASAP.  Another job interview awaits as well.  Wisconsin didn't work out for that.  My nephew got married, though, and I was able to be there for the big event so all is not lost.  Wishing Andy and Tara the very best!

I know Yellowstone National Park is partially in Wyoming, and wish I could have visited.  It will have to wait for another time.  But I drove though parts of Mountain Bow park and snapped a few photos.  There doesn't seem to be a lot here,  but the vast open spaces and ability to see for hundreds of miles is awe inspiring.  Wish my camera could have captured some of the distance views, but alas!