Feb 7, 2012

Dialogue begins....

Much awaited talks began today at 12:30 pm in San Lorenzo at the Abel Tapeiro Miranda Professional and Technical Institiute.  President Martinelli was not there.  Present were Montsignor Jose Luis Lacunza acting as mediator,  the Minister of the Presidency--Demetrio Papadimitriu---, Minister of Government, ---Ricardo Fabrega---, and Secretary of Communications for the State, ---Luis Eduardo Camacho.  Also reportedly present were national assembly deputies  Jose Munoz (Cambio Democratico) Osman Gomez (Panamenista) and Crispiano Adames, Elias Castillo, and Crescencia Prado (PRD).

Representing the indigenous people were chieftess Silvia Carrera, and Rogelio Montezuma representing the coordinator,  among others.

At the present time there is no news regarding any resolutions or outcome.