Feb 8, 2012

This should go without saying.....

but apprently needs to be said anyway.  This blog is a private and personal account of my experiences and impressions of Panama, a country I hope to immigrate to upon retirement. My posts are intended for family and friends, and occasional others who might happen upon the site and be curious about my subjective views. 

It is NOT OKAY to cut, paste, or copy  portions of my posts, change wording, and redistribute my writing in a way that gives the impression the content is either yours or your reporting of facts.   

I am no expert on Panama and don't want to represent myself as such.  I'm just someone who loves  it and is thinking of retiring in Boquete if things work out.  I express my positive and negative views, and admit they are entirely mine.  My posts are not intended to accomplish anything more than provide me a creative outlet and share a little of my time with those I care about.