Mar 26, 2012

A Good Time Not to Be "Rich"

There have been a string of violent home invasions in Chiriqui in the last two weeks---three of them occurring in the last 8 days.  Information and details of each incident have been kept very close to the cuff, but apparently the victims are being pistol-whipped and the homes robbed.  The last incident, two nights ago, reportedly involved attempted rape. 

A community meeting is being held tomorrow at the BCP Tuesday market to discuss the matter.  As one resident told me,  "Everyone and their dog will be there."  Not me.  I'll just wait for the Cliff Notes  version to trickle down and try to figure out where and/or how I should get involved.   At this point the criminals seem to be running the show.  They have been smart enough to not strike more than once in any area and are spacing the invasion sites in towns sufficiently far enough from each other to catch everyone off guard. 

To the best of my knowledge, the recent victims have been expats, and the homes have been in Volcancito, Los Nances (Caldera), Portrerillos and Las Olas (Playa Barqueta).  The Boquete expat community has been very vocal about guns for personal protection while  living in gated communities.

Uhhh, right.   What Panama needs about now--- more gun-toting seniors living in expat islands...

I don't understand why people from first world environments have to immigrate to poorer countries  to lord it over the locals, flaunt their privilege, and then loudly complain when they are victimized.  And don't get me started re: the most obnoxious man I've ever encountered anywhere  appearing at the El Rey Supermarket in David today to verbally abuse a poor,  uninvolved, unsuspecting  stock boy because he found a rotting peach amidst the produce.  I've never been so ashamed to be even remotely associated with anyone--if only by language and country of origin.

I'm sure there will be lots said in the local forums following tomorrow's meeting.  Frankly I wish all the people with the entitled personalities would take a flying fulcrum and get the hell out. 

I honestly feel for the unfortunate victims of the brutal attacks.  But, maybe if we would all just assimilate instead of alienate,  we wouldn't be having community meetings about dealing with such sequelae.