Mar 15, 2012

Time to Update, I Guess

Just where does the time go? It's been about 3 weeks since my last post, and it seems like only 3 days. The Jazz Festival came and went. It was very successful despite indigeneous protest demonstrations that kept a lot of people from coming that had planned to do so.   I didn't go to the opening parade,  but did attend the jam session on Saturday night at Amigos and went to the Sunday performances.  Great music  both places.  Lots of dancing at Amigos...At one point I was holding my own with two twenty-something Panamanian lads.   Sunday evening had dinner with friends at a new Peruvian restaurant that opened where Culturas used to be.  This new place is a vast improvement over Culturas.  Hope they are able to stay in business.   The location has not had a good history.  But the food and ambiance was great, and I'd like to go again.  I think the name of the restaurant is Casona del Cuzco.   I recommend it!

Currently my time is being absorbed with house renovations and educating an Amigos de Animales rescued cat that I've named Romeo.   A sick friend has learned she needs to undergo radiation therapy, but is maintaining a positive outlook and making the most of things.  I'm trying to provide whatever support I can.   Have also taken on some volunteer work teaching English.   My days have been quite filled, and right now, boredom is appealing.  Will try to keep more current on the posts, however.    Romeo is learning not to scratch the furniture, and sends his hellos.