Apr 14, 2012

Good Morning Boquete!

It's an eventful Saturday in Boquete today.  A few days ago the pueblo celebrated its 101 birthday with a parade.  Now there's a pet show and parade scheduled for 10:30 am (hasn't started yet---still getting organized in true Panama fashion) and varied games scheduled for the town square later.  People are hanging balloons everywhere and it's a morning of activity and anticipation.

The weather has been absolutely wonderful for the last several days.  Sunny and warm most of the day---not too hot, just right!  Then cool down in the late afternoon and nice sleeping weather at night.
I'm becoming so used to this climate that when the temp drops to around 70,  I start to "freeze".  See photo Martha snapped last night around 11 pm at Amigos.   I'm trying to down 8 glasses of water a day as part of my weight loss program.  The jacket was compliments of another considerate friend.

Martha needs to update the chronometer on her camera, obviously.