May 2, 2012

My [Panama] Neighborhood Revisited

I posted photos of my Panamanian neighborhood on a previous blog, and really wanted to transfer that post over. But I didn't save the photos, and trying to add a copy of the photos from a copy of the post isn't working for some odd reason. One of these days I'll do another walk about and update my prior post with new photos. Some of the houses I photographed six months ago have undergone new ownership and significant changes in appearance, anyway.

I did want to mention a neighbor just 2-3 doors down, however. He's in the house next to the guitar player, and is busy sculpting away at some stones recently dumped on the roadside near the edge of his yard. Here are some of the projects he's working on...

The house itself is a virtual shack, but it's made so much more picturesque by the art pieces just sitting around for passers by to enjoy. It's been a lot of fun watching these figures evolve out of the raw stones originally placed there. I've spoken to him a few times about selling the pieces. He may eventually do so, but isn't so motivated at the present time. Their market value is out of my price range, in any event. Probably still a bargain by stateside prices... Ah well, for now, I can enjoy them for free as they just sit out there unfenced, unguarded, unprotected and unassuming.