Sep 28, 2012

Jazz in the Afternoon at La Jungla


In the middle of the rainy season, Boquete has been going through a dry spell as far as entertainment and night life is concerned.  For a respite, though, this afternoon the Fantasy Jazz band played at La Jungla for about 3 hours.  It was a welcome change.   John and Gaye Dodge, plus their daughter as vocalist and Caesar Sherard on drums, entertained a good crowd to classic tunes.  The mood was friendly, mellow, and informal.  As always, male dancers were sparse to absent, but one thing I enjoy about being "senior" is that you learn to not let things like that bother you.  In my younger days I wouldn't be caught dead dancing alone or with another female, but at this stage of life, I just don't give a damn.  Music is to be enjoyed, and most of the fun-loving women I know feel the same.  Group dancing works fine,  is good exercise, and lifts the spirits immensely.  We had a good time.
The abrupt onset of seasonal afternoon monsoons sent the crowd scurrying indoors and darkened the sky,  but  we've learned to be adaptable and the party went on.  Below is a photo of Frank, the restaurant owner,  (under the waterfalls) and sitting to the left is the Dodge family vocalist.  Unfortunately I didn't catch her name, but she's a sweetheart with a melodic voice.  She does great Joni Mitchell tunes.

The last round of tunes played were a special treat for me.  And a first.  I'd never heard Willie Nelson tunes interpreted by jazz artists before.  Country music isn't my favorite genre, but I do enjoy Willie.  The band's rendition of Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain was one of my favorites and I hope to enjoy it again.  I've been advised the band will be playing tomorrow night at Mike's Global Grill and we'll just have to find out!