Oct 31, 2012

Final Comments on Law 72

Well,  the weekend was quiet as protests ceased while government legislators worked to repeal the controversial and unpopular Law 72 regarding Colon's Free Trade Zone real estate properties.
Monday went off without a snag after the National Assembly approved repeal of Law 72. 
President Martinelli returned from his business trip to Japan and Vietnam.   The President continues to postulate that Law 72 was good for Colon and good for the country, while  opponents continue to blame him for the death of 4 people who were casualties of public demonstrations against the law.
At this point talks are planned between government leaders and Colon Free Trade Zone business and civil leaders to negotiate new plans aimed at reviving Colon and bringing more revenue and investment to the area. 
Because next week is the start of the Fiestas Patrias in most towns of the republic, the talks are tentatively scheduled for November 7th.   Representing the country will be 8 government ministers,  3 government deputies and the mayor of Colon.   Two of the deputies for Colon will  also wear hats as parlimentary representatives.
Also present at the negotiations will be members of the Frente Amplio de Colon, the Associacion de Usuarios de la Zoona Libre,  and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as representatives of the Catholic and Evangelist churches.
Investigations continue regarding the manner and cause of death of the 4 civilian casualties.