Oct 26, 2012

Law 72 On Its Way to Repeal

Today was the 6th day of demonstrations and protests since the sanction of Law 72 on 10/19/12.   It was also the day the Minister of the Presidency, Roberto Henriquez announced that the government was initiating the necessary legislation to repeal the controversial law.  The national assembly voted for approval of repealing Law 72 in the first round of debates today.  This information was widely publicized, resulting in an anticipated end to work stoppages and a cool down of violence and vandalism in Panama City and Colon.  The National Assembly will be meeting again tonight at 12:01 am for the second debate, also expected to result in approval of the repeal.  The third session is scheduled for 12:01 am Sunday morning, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, things should be back to their pre- Law 72 status by the start of the work day on Monday.  President Martinelli has indicated via his Twitter account that he will sancion the repeal once approved and processed by the National Assembly.