Feb 20, 2013

Photo Tribute to the Southwest

Albuquerque at Nightfall from 10,000 ft atop Sandia Peak

Scenery off Highway 10 in New Mexico

Santa Fe Kachina Statue

Santa Fe Sculpture Garden

Residential Street in Tucson

Tucson's Catalina Mountains

 Picacho Peak, Casa Grande, AZ

Gallery in Tubac, AZ

Church in Tubac, AZ

Old Adobe Building, Tubac

While I tour the American Southwest, Panama has just completed Carnaval celebrations and  Boquete is preparing for it's 3rd annual Jazz Festival, to start on Feb 28th, running through March 3rd.  Several excellent jazz and blues bands are slated to perform in Valle Escondido's amphitheater as well as in local restaurants.  Hoping to be back in Chiriqui the first week of March, following a brief sojourn in northern California.  Reports are that the rains have started early this season...