Mar 27, 2013

Orchid Expo Off to a Slow Start

What used to be known as the Feria de las Orchideas, in Boquete,  has been renamed the Orchid Expo.  This year it's running from March 22nd to March 31st.  Regardless of what it's being called, we're five days into it and the fairgrounds almost resemble a ghost town.  This has been the most meager exhibition I've observed in seven years.  Today as I strolled through the grounds,  I did see a few vendors unpacking large boxes, and some carpenters installing temporary kiosks, but there were practically no plants or flowers to be had.   We still have one weekend to go, and it's still possible the expo will evolve and  close out with a larger impact.  There was almost no publicity regarding the event this year, and I can't help but wonder if better PR could help.

I spent about 30 minutes in the Orchid Salon and snapped these photos of winning plant entries.