Apr 25, 2013

Coffee Tour at Cafe Ruiz

Having heard that the Cafe Ruiz coffee tour in Boquete was one of the most complete and informative, a friend and I chose to spend a half-day  learning what we could about growing, processing, and enjoying locally grown arabica coffees, including the world renown and highly sought Geisha beans.  Our guide, Carlos, was very knowledgeable and informative regarding all aspects of the industry.  He taught us how to recognize varied tastes and smells in ground and brewed coffee, plus dispelled a few myths regarding caffeine content and roasting process.  At Cafe Ruiz, a coffee bean goes through sixteen different steps from the time it is picked until it is packaged for purchase. Because I cannot remember them all, I can only encourage those interested to go on their own guided tour. 

Did you know:
That espresso and french roast coffees are less caffeinated than latin or european roasts?
That the stronger the flavor, the more burnt beans are processed in coffee? 
That the darker the roast, the less caffeine per cup of coffee? 
That many ground coffee mixtures contain fillers such as corn, stems and twigs?
That european roast coffee has a citrus-flavored undertone?
That Geisha coffee originally comes from Ethiopia?

You can learn this and much more during a coffee tour with Cafe Ruiz.  It's a great way to spend a spare afternoon in Boquete!  Below is a link to get you started.