Apr 1, 2013

Easter Services in Boquete

After an ashamedly long absence from worship services, I returned for Easter Sunday service.  I was surprised by the size of the crowd in attendance, and chagrined to realize I only recognized perhaps 4 or 5 faces in the entire lot.  Granted, some attendees were possibly tourists or first time visitors to Boquete, however it also was very apparent that the expat community has grown exponentially and many younger families are now moving into the area.   The congregation was pleasantly blessed with a Children's Program skit regarding the crucifixion and resurrection. Something that couldn't have happened a few years ago, as there were few children in the area then.  There is also the promise of a choir group in the works.  All this has been happening over the last 10 months or so.  

In addition to these services, I've learned there is a small fellowship forming in Volcancito, and there has been a long-standing English mass in the Catholic church in the center of town with a few expat participants.