Jun 3, 2013

Harvest time

It never ceases to amaze me how much harvest one can achieve from even a small, poorly planned plot of dirt.  While out "gathering" today, my tiny backyard yielded about 100 bananas, 6 lbs of maracuya, 10 plantains, 5 chayote squash, 25 sweet green peppers, 6 bitter oranges, 8 juice oranges, and a handful of limes.  Had to give away about 30 bananas from the last batch, because they all ripen at once and I can't possibly eat or use all of them at once.  This newest batch is even larger. These particular bananas are gourmet.  They're only about 7 inches long, but are very thick.  They have the greatest texture (doubt it's low-calorie) and are bursting with flavor.  But there I go, bragging about my garden again. 

We've had several days of rain, and it's going to start again in another hour or so, but the morning sun and warmth  has been very welcome.  We definitely need the rain, so no complaints there, either.    

Not a lot going on in the old pueblo at this time.  Some expat bingo activities in Palmira which I chose to forego,  and the usual drinking at Amigos or Mike's.  Instead I'm working on a few translations, studying Spanish, and chatting with the neighbors while waiting for my papayas to ripen.  Retirement can sometimes be a huge challenge...

Below is a maracuya plant, with a fruit peeking out amongst the leaves.

And one of my kitties trying to figure out how to pull it down.